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i have been eyeing a rug from pottery barn for a while now.  it’s their flat-braided natural jute rug.

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i need an 8’x10’ in my living area.  the problem is that i don’t want to spend $500 for it.  i love natural fiber rugs but some of them can be quite rough on the footsies.  this one is so unbelievably soft though.  it’s like you’re walking on a cloud.  i’ve seen them at the pottery barn outlet up in dawsonville, ga before but i haven’t had a chance to get back up there to see if they have one now.  the last few times i’ve made it up there they haven’t had an 8x10 in. 

i also like this one from ballard designs. i haven’t seen it in person but the description says it’s “surprisingly soft.”  it’s right at $300 after you add the $20 up charge for an 8’ x 10’. 

RR581_1 RR581_3

i’m going to throw this out to all my reader’s.  have any of you found a very soft, inexpensive jute rug?  if so, where?  i’m looking for something less than $250.  i’d be thrilled with one for around $150, but i think that might be pushing it to think that i could find one for less than $200.  hopefully one of you has an answer.  surely there has got to be one for less than $300 out there.

please help me if you have any insight on soft braided jute rugs. 


  1. Great Blog.... I found it by making sure my blog was still at the top of "the charm house" search after not blogging as much. My daughter is getting married in May and my son in June. This is a perfect blog for them to follow as new nesting newbies!!

  2. I bought a jute rug that was 11x14 from overstock. I paid just under $200 and I loved it, it was very soft but my dog ruined it :(

  3. Have you checked Ballard's Backroom for that same rug? They discount the things massively - just have to get there on shipment days and early so that you can see if they have it! Some items are "damaged" but not even to the naked eye. I got a fab painting from there that had a miniscule scratch on it, which some wood putty fixed instantly. $100s off retail though :)

  4. Call the PB outlet- you can ask them what they have before making the drive. If you call early on a weekday they aren't usually that busy and will check. There is also a coupon for an extra 25% off for the ballards back room if they happen to have it there.

  5. I have one from Ikea, although I'm not sure if it's jute or sisal. It's also not an 8x10, but they may have larger sizes. I would say check there first. Also, check out Lowes, too (try the one in the Edgewood Shopping Center)--I think they had some there for cheap.

  6. Thanks for all the tips. I have gone by Ballard's Backroom and haven't lucked up on one yet. They have a woven linen one right now but it's too green. I'll have to try calling the PB outlet though. Hadn't thought of doing that.

  7. Cristi - I just ordered the Ballard one for my Myrtle Beach project next week. I will let you know how soft it really is when I get back.


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