for the past few days the temperature in atlanta, ga has been insanely cold!  i know i’m a wuss when it comes to the cold weather, but it really has been freezing and windy which makes it even worse.  the sun has been shining so brightly so it looks like the weather should be beautiful outside.  then you walk out the door and cold air slaps you in the face.  i don’t think i would ever be able to live in a place where the weather was like this most of the winter.  i just saw on the news that its supposed to be 14 degrees on saturday night.  craziness. 

my new house beautiful came in the mail this weekend and i got a chance to open it up today.  one of the first pages showed some beautiful throws.  i think these throws are quite possibly the most comfy looking throws i have ever seen.  i really, really want one to curl up with on this freezing january night.  you can get them here.  i’ll probably have to wait a while since they have a $295 price tag.  i guess my target throw will have to do for the rest of this winter.


house beautiful

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  1. Don't like the cold, not one bit. Just a few cold nights to whack Atlanta's fleas and mosquitoes and my romance with cold is over. If I can see my breath outside, it's way too cold.

  2. It's so cold in NC, that the Snuggli is starting to look attractive as a wardrobe must (wear all day over your pajamas then just sleep in it also)'s FREEZING! ;)

  3. Cold here to and I don't like it!!!


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