70’s rancher turned vintage cottage


for the last few weeks i have been working on a design plan for a new client and have also been working on a few other small jobs.  in the meantime i’ve had little extra time to write some fun blog posts or respond to emails/comments.  i tried my best but still can’t get to some of them.  so, if you’ve sent me an email i’ll try to get back to you soon.  it’s becoming harder and harder to write a blog and have a design company.  don’t worry though, i love blogging way too much to ever give it up!

my new client is a man from huntsville who is wanting to renovate basically half of his 70’s ranch-style home.  he started off trying to do everything himself then realized that he needed help designing it.  he’s already demo’d most of the area.  for the last three weeks i’ve been putting the plan together for the finishes in his main living areas: the family room, living room, dining room, kitchen, bath, laundry, fitness center and office.  it was a lot of rooms so planning it took a lot of time. 

i met with my client to go over everything yesterday evening, and thought i would share the design boards with you since he has seen everything now.  he really loved all the finishes and i was excited about that because i really loved them too.  now he’s trying to figure out which floor plan to go with (he can either have a 1/2 bath and a fitness center or a 3/4 bath and no fitness center) as well as deciding if he’s ready to put that much money into his home.   

the first phase of the plan(the one i’ve been working on for the last few weeks) is mainly finishes and lighting.  once the first phase is underway then i’ll be selecting furniture, window treatments and accessories.  the new style of the home will be a vintage cottage look and the furniture i will select will have a masculine flair.


**the 3 grays in the middle showed up much more green on the scans than they really are.





  1. Oh Christi, I do hope he gives the go ahead soon so we can see the after photos! I love what you've done!!

  2. You and me both! Thanks for the compliments.

  3. I'm trying to keep black counter top and copper sink in my head at the same time. Sounds pretty good to me.

  4. Where is the family room chandelier from?


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