sneak peek – guest room/office


i’m working on a small guest room/office right now for a client in huntsville, alabama.  i’m presenting the design plan next week and i’ll share the whole plan with you once i present it to the client.  until then i thought i’d share just the fabrics and color scheme with you.


i have a  pretty tight budget for this area of the home so i’m going to be purchasing most of the furniture from ikea.  luckily the client loves ikea.    i’ll be using shelves and a desk top from ikea versus custom built-ins  to save money on the closet work station.   stay tuned next week to see the entire plan.


  1. I love the colors! I can't wait to see the plan. Good luck!

  2. *swoons* How lovely! That color palatte makes me smile.

  3. ditto! love the colors! cannot wait to see the finished plan. and AFTER pics!!!

  4. I am definitely up for the colors.

  5. Everyone feels the same way! Well, DITTO. Oops, Nancy already said ditto. Ummm, I second that notion.


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