dropped the ball on my 100th post


ok, so i seriously dropped the ball on my 100th post.  every since i started getting close to my 100th post i’ve been thinking that i should do something cool for it.  that’s about as far as i got though because today came and this is my 100th post and i don’t have anything cool to do for it.  i can’t believe i’ve already gotten to 100.  sorry that it’s going to be so lame.  hopefully you’ll still keep reading my blog even though i don’t have some cool 100th post giveaway or something. 

i did manage to run into homegoods today.  i hadn’t been in there in a while and thought i’d see what they had.  i typically try to avoid homegoods during the holidays if possible.  it can get pretty crazy in there.  i snapped a few photos of things i liked.  i took all the photos with my crackberry because i didn’t have my camera with me so the quality of some of the photos is a little off.  i was surprised that most of them came out ok though.  maybe the blackberry storm is good for something(i’ve hated it every since i got it).

so the first thing i have to show you is the crazy disco-like balls that they had.  i counted 8 in all.  not sure these will be flying off the shelf or anything but i just had to take a picture of them.  they might actually be cool in a fun kids room or basement. 


they also had this awesome distressed wooden bench.  it was really long but would be such a statement piece.  (cost $499)


there were lamps galore and great ones too.  my favorites were these two different shell lamps that were $79 each.



these ivory gourd lamps were so lovely.  the gray and ivory shades were very light.  my camera shows them darker than they were. (cost $39.99)


these pink and ivory ones would be great in a little girl’s room. (cost $39.99)


they had a couple garden stools for under $100.  i like the turquoise one a lot.

IMG00037-20091229-1317edit IMG00043-20091229-1318

sage ruffle pillow. (cost $12.99)  ruffles are so popular right now.


these white trunks would be great stacked in a corner or even better…make a table out of two of them stacked on top of each other.  i didn’t get the cost on these but i can’t imagine they would be over $60.


i thought these little pouf baskets were adorable.  they looked sort of like moroccan poufs but they were actually baskets.  (cost small $12.99, large $19.99)

IMG00040-20091229-1318i saw this cute chair on my way out.  it’s a great buy for $199.  they had a couple of other ones in different fabrics but this one was my favorite.

IMG00061-20091229-1338so that’s it for my homegoods shopping trip.  if you want to check out any of these items i found them at the perimeter pointe homegoods in dunwoody.  if you’re not local to atlanta i’m sure the homegoods in your area would have most of these items too.


well, i’m signing off until monday so i hope you all have a fun and festive new year’s eve wherever you may be.  i want to wish you all a very, very HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!  see you back in 2010!! 




  1. Look forward to seeing what 2010 holds in store for you and Billy!!! much love to you, my beautiful CurleeLocks

  2. Happy 100th and happy New Year. I'm writing this in the light our fantastic Christmas Home Goods $39 lamp, shaped like those Egyptian burial urns. We bought it as a gift but kept for ourselves.

  3. Happy 100th! Hoping 2010 brings lots of great things for you, your blog, and your biz. A little Cristi/Billy would be a perfect addition ;). Happy New Year my friend!

  4. Congratulations! I look forward to many more milestones. I adore shopping at Home Goods. I rarely walk out of there empty handed, much to Mr TBS's chagrin, of course.

  5. i love homegoods and go to one whenever i visit my mom in texas..unfortunately, they don't have a store in nyc. the turqoise garden stool is awesome.

  6. TJMaxx/HomeGoods have some GREAT lamps, these days! I have to make myself walk away from the lamp section!
    Happy New Year!

  7. Happy Hundredth Post!! Hooray! I liked your Homegoods post... I buy art there sometimes, but it's kind of overwhelming for me :) Love that chair at the end :)

  8. Happy 100th!! Love that turquoise garden stool!!

  9. I can never go into Homegoods and leave in less then 2 hours...I just love going up and down every aisle. My credit cards hate me for it.


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