bye, bye perimeter z.gallerie


for those of you who live in atlanta if you have time you should run over to the z.gallerie at perimeter mall.  they are closing their doors and are having a huge sale.  last i checked everything was 50% off.  the furniture is pretty picked over but they still have a good bit of accessories.  they also have a large selection of floral stems and art. 

the perimeter z.gallerie was the closest one to me so i’m sad they are closing.  i’ll have to make the drive up to alpharetta or down to atlantic station to go to one now.  i’m not sure why they are closing and i hope that the other atlanta z.galleries don’t follow suit.  i was there over the weekend and snapped a few photos of some of the stock they had left.

miscellaneous accessories…


trellis pillows orig. $39.99

DSC05402 one of my fave chandeliers orig. $369.00

jasper sofa orig. $1,099.00



  1. We've got a bunch of nice "Z" stuff at our place. I hope they can stay open.

  2. I hope so too Terry. I would really miss them if they all closed. I haven't seen anything on their website saying that they are planning to close all of them though.

  3. I had no idea! Must try to get out there tomorrow.

  4. Hey Cristi,
    I was there when things were only 30 percent off. I asked the sales associate what the deal was and she told me that Urban Outfitters offered to pay more rent. The powers at be couldn't resist their offer. Too bad, the perimeter location is more convenient to me than the other store locations.



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