stacked or standing


which do you prefer?  books stacked?

sara scaglioneimage – house beautiful / sara scaglione


image – domino


image - domino


image – domino

i suwanee3

image – i suwanee


Metropolitan home Kitchen2 image – elle decor

Candace Bushnellimage – elle decor

Metropolitan home10

image – elle decor

Nate Berkus image – elle decor / nate berkus

or a mix of both?

hbx-decorating-redd-4-0709-xlg image – house beautiful


image – domino


image – elle decor


  1. Both. Stack the ones you don't ever look at. Stand the rest. The picture that says, "second-hand design book..." says "if you touch a book, you'll break something." I want designs look good AND work.

  2. I'm a standing kinda girl when it's a bookshelf full of books (used for storage purposes). I do use several stacked books here and there when used as part of my decor. :)

  3. I agree Terry. I prefer to stack books that I've already read and might pick up once a year to flip back through and stand the ones that I look at on a regular basis for inspiration. I don't want to have to rearrange my bookshelves everytime I go to get a book out of them.

  4. Standing, most definitely. I can live with a few stacked books on the shelves, but I just love the clean lines of the books standing.

  5. what a neat idea for a post :) I love having my books both ways! depends on my mood :)

  6. I like the look of both - but mainly, I like the look of books in a home! A home without books looks a bit off to me, but perhaps that is because I am a big reader and books are such a part of my own life.

  7. These photos are inspiring. I'm building out the library now at Garvinweasel. Thanks for a lovely post.

  8. I find it so funny that you posted this. Just yesterday I reorganized our family room bookshelf because it looked chaotic in there. I organized the books by color instead of as they were (by subject) and I didn't even think about whether the books should lie down or stand up. Now I've got another project to do because mine are all standing and now that you ask the question, I've decided that I like a mixture of standing/lying.
    Thanks for the inspiration!


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