make your own bar, my sangria recipe & a winner


thanks to everyone who entered a comment to win the giveaway of the book the comfortable home.  i really enjoyed reading your comments about the most comfortable part of your homes.  the lucky winner of the autographed book is….


comment number 16, camille r. from the etsy shop blue dogwood stuidos.  congratulations camille! 


planning a party this holiday season….don’t know what to do about not having a bar….no worries.  create one.  here’s how. 

grab a console table, desk or small dining table and set it up like either of these.



both images – domino

beautiful right?

and here’s a great link if you are trying to figure out how to stock your bar for your party.  it tells you exactly what and how much to buy.  click here to go directly to the site.

bar stocking


here’s my own personal sangria recipe for you to add to the mix.  it’s so yummy.

cristi’s festive sangria


-2 bottles of red wine (merlot) or white wine (chardonnay).  don’t  buy expensive wine.  i always buy the cheapest biggest bottles.  with all the other yummy ingredients no one will be able to tell that it’s cheap wine.  swear.

-juice from 1-2 lemons

-juice from 3-4 oranges or 6-8 tangerines

-juice from 1 lime

-4 1/2 Tbsp. sugar

-2 “liberal” shots of vodka (i use raspberry flavored vodka)

-1 small can of chopped pineapple

-2-3 cups of ginger ale

-3-4 tangerines sliced or 1-2 oranges sliced (skin included)

-strawberries – as many as you want

-secret ingredient: my extra special, super-secret ingredient is a dash of cinnamon.  the cinnamon makes it oh so good.  you’ll have everyone wondering why it tastes so good.


-pour both bottles of wine into a large pitcher or bowl and squeeze the juices from your citrus fruits into the wine.  (make sure you don’t let any seeds into the mixture.) stir.  add sugar, cinnamon, vodka and extra fruit.  ***the amount that i have shown is just a guide.  you can add as little or as much fruit and vodka as you would like.*** chill for a few hours or for the best results chill overnight.

when you are ready to serve pour in ginger ale and stir.  add ice to wine glass and pour.  top with choice of fresh fruit.

***for easy transportation just pour the sangria mix, minus the fruit and ginger ale, back into your empty wine bottles.  once you get to your party pour everything back into your pitcher and serve.***

you’re going to love it!




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  1. What a lovely treat! I soooo enjoy a good glass of sangria and am always eager to try new recipes. Thanks for sharing.

  2. neat idea for a quick bar! going to try the recipe, too! love and hugs and wishes for a great day tomorrow!!

  3. I can confrim that the Sangria recipe is fabulous! I have used Cristi's recipe a few times and it is always a big hit!


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