so pumped!!!


i can’t tell you how excited i am about the new magazine lonny that just released its premiere edition.  blogs have been buzzing about it all day, but i was driving so i couldn’t look at it.  i just got home and checked it out.  let me tell you, it is absolutely beautiful, and from what i can tell it is going to fill the void that i was left with when domino folded.  best of all you can view the pages completely online.  at first i thought viewing the pages online would be difficult.  just as a personal preference, i have always preferred magazines in print rather than online.  lonny has taken their magazine to the extreme though.  the layouts are amazing.  i personally am loving the full-screen mode.  you can zoom in for better reading and so you can see more details in the photos. 

can you tell i’m pumped!!!  i have to run so i can finish reading the rest of the magazine.  just wanted to go on ahead and do a post so i could get the word out.  enjoy it!!!

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