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a friend of mine, heidi over at ~tips to order~, turned me onto vflyer about a month ago.  she said that she had used vflyer to create electronic flyers to post on craiglist and that i should really try it.  i’ve been using it, and i think it’s an awesome marketing tool.  especially for someone like me who has a very limited marketing budget and no graphics skills.  best of all, vflyer is free! yes, i did say FREE.  there is an option to upgrade, but i have found that the free version works just fine for me.  to begin creating your flyer you have to create an account on their website.  then you are prompted to add your company info.  you can put as much or as little information on the flyers as you want.  you can also post up to 8 portfolio photos onto it.  then once you have entered your info, chosen a theme and published your flyer, vflyer gives you an html code that you can copy and paste into a craigslist add.  it’s free to post your design services on craigslist too.  so there you have it…a great free marketing tool for your design company.  i’ve posted my vflyer below and i’ve hyperlinked it so if you click on it you’ll go directly to my vflyer site. 

imagein times like these i feel like it’s great to share any tips or advice that i come across.  hopefully it will prove to be a helpful tool for you.

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