bring on the holidays


i’ve never really gotten into decorating for fall.  although i love the colors, i’ve never been one to fill my house with pumpkins and spooky things.  it’s probably because around the time most people start to decorate their house for halloween and fall, i start to get super excited about decorating for christmas.  once i get christmas on the brain it’s hard for me to get it off.  billy has to try really hard to keep me from getting a tree earlier than thanksgiving.  once it’s up it would suit me just fine to leave it there ‘til easter.  i’ve even been known to start listening to my christmas cd’s as early as september.  christmas is my favorite holiday, can you tell.  LOVE the decorations, the colors, the smells, the music, the sweet little baby that we celebrate it for…pretty much everything about it. 

saturday my restoration hardware catalog came in and guess what, there were the first signs of christmas in it.  i love the way they styled this issue.  i’m definitely going to be stealing quite a few of their ideas this season. 

like this one…hanging christmas ornaments on lots of tree limbs.  i don’t thing i would drape my whole dining room in them but one or two limbs hanging on the wall would be a nice touch.



on my side table or maybe my coffee table i’ll be using this arrangement.  pretty much the same idea as the last but just arranged in a large hurricane vase.


berries, pomegranates and candles make a perfect casual dining table centerpiece. 


love the idea of hanging a wreath on the inside as well as the outside.


even though i could decorate for christmas tomorrow i’ve decided i’m at least going to do a fall centerpiece this year.  if it turns out like i hope it will i’ll post some pics later.

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  1. I'm in love :) love love love this idea and am trying now to figure out just WHERE I can hang those limbs!
    You can ask anyone in my family :) I've been known to put the tree up the weekend before Thanksgiving and not take it down until the first weekend of March. And no one ever complained and I never got tired of it. It just looked like winter indoors :)


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