Jonathan Adler comes to Atlanta


Finally!  The long-awaited Jonathan Adler store is opening in Atlanta.  I was able to get a sneak peek tonight right before I attended the Switch Modern Spotlight on Design event, thanks to Liz Lapidus PR

Before I show you the images, let me just say that the store is gorgeous!  My pictures definitely don’t do it justice.









I’m looking forward to spending more time in this inspiring store tomorrow night during the grand opening event, and I’m even more excited about getting to meet Jonathan himself!

Spotlight on Design with Todd Murphy

If you happen to be around the West Side of town tonight head on over to Switch Modern.  Tonight, in their Spotlight on Design series, they will be featuring the amazing Atlanta artist Todd Murphy.  It's from 6pm to 8pm.  All of the details are below.  Click on the image to see a larger view.  I'll be there along with some of my favorite designers.  Hope to see you there too!

Friday Find


I’m really excited to share this amazing find with you today. 

nick b-day, white dresser, etc 016_thumb[2]

I was over at Lakietha’s blog reading about her newly updated entry table and I fell in love.  The dresser that she refinished is gorgeous, but I was more in love with the hardware that she put on the drawers.  It’s to die for.  She found it from a source that I had never her of called

This is an up close and personal shot of the pulls.


I was sure that these pulls were going to be upwords of $15 or $18, but to my surprise they were only $2.87!!!  Can you believe it?!?  I sure couldn’t.  I got to looking around on the rest of the site and found some other amazing buys too. 













I would love to have these polished nickel on my kitchen cabinets in my new house!



Head on over to to check out all of these amazing finds.

Have a great weekend!

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Exciting NEws!!!!


I know it’s been a little quiet on the blog lately.  As if I didn’t have enough going on already with trying to get ready for Chase and wrapping up client jobs, now we’ve added a whole other element to the mix.  WE BOUGHT A HOUSE!!!!!!  I’m thrilled and stressed to the max at the same time.  Billy and I knew that our condo was going to be too tiny for a family of 3 and a half(our dog Sweetie being the half), but we were trying to make do.  Then, about 2 weeks ago, we found an amazing deal on a little 50’s ranch-style home and we jumped on it. 

What does this mean???  Well, it means that we’ll be moving into a new house while I’m almost 8 months pregnant.  [I know, I know…I’ve totally lost my marbles]  It also means that you’ll have to wait a little while longer to see pics of Chase’s room since it will be moving along with us.  We are hoping and praying that Chase will be patient and won’t try to come early.  We don’t really have a Plan B if that were to happen. 

We have our work cut out for us with the new house.  Right now it’s a total mess from the renter that is living there.  Once they move out and we get it painted, I’ll take some pictures to share with you.  I’m really excited about sharing the renovation process on the blog, but it will be very slow going.  I doubt I’ll have much time for renovation work while taking care of a newborn. 

We’ve decided to rent our condo until the real estate market comes back.  If any of you have any friends that are looking to rent a condo in the Sandy Springs/Buckhead area of Atlanta please forward them this CL ad.  CLICK HERE for the ad.  Here’s a picture of the our family room in our condo.

family room

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Interview at Pretty Haus



Today I’m being interviewed by Anne over at the Pretty Haus blog.  Anne had some fun and interesting questions for me.  If you are interested in finding out what room I would be or what my must have tool as a designer is…

then head on over and check it out.  Click Here to go to the interview.

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Busy Bee


Lately, I’ve been a busy little bee.  Between client meetings, putting design plans together, putting my own nursery together pics to come sometime before Chase is born I promise and still trying to have some type of family life, I’ve had zero time to do any blogging. 

Unfortunately, I don’t see any end to my crazy-busy madness anytime soon.  I do however have a design plan to show you.  This plan is for one of my Touch of Charm DIY internet design clients.  I can’t wait to see this one when it’s completely finished.  Christin promises that she will send pictures, and I’ll definitely show them to you once I have them.

Collins Living Room copy

Have a Happy Monday!

***If you are interested in finding out more info on my budget friendly, internet design service called Touch of Charm please email me at  I’d love to help you out.

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