i’m completely inspired by this new atlanta home that was featured in this month’s atlanta homes & lifestyles magazine.  the mix of rustic and classic styles is very intriguing.  it keeps me wanting to see more and more.  the website doesn’t have near as many photos as the actual print magazine has so pick it up if you see one in a store.  it’s absolutely stunning in print.


this kitchen is to die for…everything from the urban electric co. lighting to the limed wood backsplash.



the entire home is design at it’s best.


today i'm guest blogging over at my friend jade's blog, flip flops & pearls, while she recovers from her amazing trip to new york.  i'm blogging about some southern trends for her "southern september" series.  hop on over and check it out.  make sure you check out the rest of her super-cute blog too!  

CLICK HERE to go to flip flops & pearls.

this or that


i’m terribly torn.  i waver back and forth all of the time.  sometimes i want this…

Living Room Title

{image – lonny}


{image – massucco warner miller}


{image – domino}

{image – lonny}

and sometimes i want that…

{image – greige}

{image – greige}

{image – atlanta homes and lifestyles}

{image – elle decor}

{image – greige}

{image – domino}

i totally can’t make up my mind…and because i’m decorating my own home it’s become a problem.  as a designer i probably shouldn’t admit that i’m having problems decorating my own home, but from what i’ve gathered this is a common problem amongst a lot of designers.

this week i’m leaning more towards this…

{image – lonny}

eclectic style with colorful accents

of course next week it might be more that…

neutral color scheme with rustic and industrial elements

 who knows how everything will really turn out!  maybe it will be a mix of both.

satisfying space


one of my readers {heather @ satisfying spaces} posted this amazing dallas home on her blog. 

{images – d home magazine}

i clicked over to her blog from a comment that she left me and fell in love with this home she posted about.  the home belongs to heather and scott alexander who are owners of nest, a home store in dallas. she found it through an article in d home magazine.  luckily for me, since i don’t live in dallas, d home magazine has an awesome website, and i found the article online.  head on over and check it out for yourself.  CLICK HERE to see the rest of the images and read the article.

midtown festival of the arts


there’s a great festival to attend the weekend of september 25th - 26th for those of you who live in atlanta and who will be in town.  the first annual midtown festival of the arts will be held that weekend.  there are a variety of festival events that will be going on all weekend long including a road race, artist market, art auction and much more.

Welcome to Midtown Festival of the Arts

the midtown festival of the arts will be located between 5th and 10th streets on peachtree road, an area which has recently been nicknamed “midtown mile,” and will host more than 100 artists from all over the united states. 

i’ve highlighted some of the festival events below.

FRIDAY, 9.24.10 – to kick off the festival there will be a public art auction at loews hotel featuring 30 bar stools created by local midtown artists.  the event will start at 7pm in the hotel bar.

The Colors of Atlanta

SATURDAY, 9.25.10 – kickoff your morning with a jog down peachtree street through the heart of Midtown for the midtown mile road race.  the race is one mile long and registration starts at 7:45am.

SATURDAY, 9.25.10(noon – 5pm) & 9.26.10(noon – 4) – plates on peachtree, sponsored by fifth group restaurants, will showcase special dishes and drinks at least 14 of atlanta's finest restaurants.  purchase tickets in advance and pay only $30.  $40 at the door.

Saturday, 9.25.10 – enjoy a night under the stars while watching “driving miss daisy” on the big screen.  the film screening is set to start at 8pm.

for additional information on all of these events and more visit the festival website here

i hope to see some of you there!



last week i shared my latest design project with you all.  today i thought it would be fun to give you a little insight into my inspiration for the design.

liv rm

i think the most common question that i’m asked as a designer is “where do you get your inspiration for your designs?”  my design inspiration can quite literally come from anywhere.  sometimes i’m inspired by nature, sometimes it’s a piece of fabric that inspires me, sometimes it’s a picture from a magazine or catalog and sometimes it’s something that i’ve seen in a store.  i could go on and on but you get the idea.  this house was a combination of sorts.  the color palette was inspired from a home that i had seen which was photographed by blayne beacham.  i loved how the main colors were black and white with pops of different colors in each room.  {inspiration home seen below}

{photo credit for above photos – blayne beacham}

although i loved the black and white combo i had to tweak it slightly due to the finishes that the builder had selected for the model home.  the finishes were all earth tones so i decided it would be best to use neutral tones (natural linen, charcoal, and white) as the base and then deepen the accent colors in each room. 

next, i had to figure out what the style of the home would be.  i absolutely love the store south of market and really took my style inspiration from that store.  i really wanted the model to have a very classic style with rustic and unexpected elements thrown in.

it was a little hard to pull this look off because i had a strict budget, but by keeping my accessorizing to a minimum i was left with more money to put towards some really amazing pieces of furniture. 

kids’ rooms

i’m sure you can all guess where the inspiration for the room below came from.

teen room yep, serena and lily.


all of the furniture for this home was shipped in on palettes so i just used one of the larger palettes for my queen size headboard.  the main difference between my room and the inspiration room is that i designed my room for a teen and the inspiration original room is for a young boy.  lakeitha over at home to three duncan boys also did a fab job at interpreting this room.  it’s interesting to see the differences in both of our rooms. 

for the twin girls’ room i really wanted to do something fun and yellow stripes on the ceiling were a perfect way to add a little whimsy to the room. 

girls room

then i found these really cute purple felt pillows at homegoods and decided the main colors would be shades of purple and yellow.


i hope this gives you a little more insight on how a design is developed.

latest project


i gave you all a sneak peek of my latest project on monday, and i finally have the rest of the pictures edited. 

i was so excited to finish this home.  it was a 4000 square foot model home in houston, texas and was so much fun to work on.  i’m going to go into more detail about my inspiration and give away some of my shopping secrets next week.  i’m also going to talk about some of the photo do’s and don'ts that i figured out since this was my first real photo shoot {on my own at least}. 

until then have a great weekend!


CR 32

dining room

CR 1


CR 29 CR 14 CR 30

Edit 9

family room

CR 20

CR 17

CR 3CR 4CR 19

CR 15

master bedroom

CR 5CR 7 Edit 10Edit 1  twin girls’ room

CR 22CR 10 CR 24

CR 28

boy’s room {serena and lily copy-cat room}

CR 11 CR 12 guest room

CR 8 CR 9

Edit 4media room

CR 13

Edit 3  CR 21 CR 27 CR 26

Edit 8

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