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imagehave those of you that subscribe to house beautiful received the latest issue?  i’m a little concerned.  i was browsing the magazine aisle at the store yesterday and saw the latest issue of house beautiful.  the problem is that i’m a subscriber and haven’t received mine for this month.  i know elle decor had a mix up last month and quite a few of their subscribers didn’t receive their issues due to a shortage.  i’m just wondering if the same thing happened this month with house beautiful.  maybe mine just got lost in the mail or something.  i really hope not because i don’t want to have to buy it at the store.  i’ve sent a note to customer service so hopefully i’ll find out where mine is soon. 

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1.  nate berkus for hsn.  this dhurrie rug in particular.


2.  and this ikat journal set also by nate.

image image

3.  this beautiful quote that i saw earlier this week on pink wallpaper.

4.  this super-cute height chart.  i saw it on the real living blog.

5.  this suzani apron.  saw it on the green door and she found it at magpie lovely.

Suzani Apron

have a lovely spring weekend!

fun in east nashville


last week i was working on a job in nashville with some fellow designers and during some of our free time we explored the city.  we wound up in east nashville which is somewhat of a cross between inman park and little 5 in atlanta.  it’s very artsy and very cool.  this was where i found the most adorable hot dog stand that i think i’ve ever seen.  i’m not sure if adorable and hot dog stand should be in the same sentence but this hot dog stand was pretty stinkin’ cute.  and, it had the best name…check out the weenie sign.  i had already eaten by the time i found this little gem so i wasn’t able to try one.  maybe next time.


the hot dog stand caught my eye and made me stop, but i was lucky to find an antique shop right beside it. 

this antique shop had some of the best prices i’ve seen for mid-century pieces.  the furniture they had was also in mint condition.  no scratches or dings anywhere.  unfortunately i didn’t have my camera with me.  i did have my blackberry so i snapped a few shots.  sorry about the quality of the photos.

i fell in love with this john stewart china cabinet.  the 4” knobs were real turquoise. 

IMG00168-20100422-1521 here’s another mid-century china cabinet that they had.  it was massive.

IMG00170-20100422-1525 the best find was this sofa.  we all fell in love with it.  i was so close to buying it but my hubby turned it down…said he wanted a new sofa instead of an antique.  in all actuality i would have had to completely change the whole design of my family room to get this sofa, but it would have been so worth it.  it was on sale for only $1250.  there are similar ones in atlanta for more than $3000.  it might not look it but it was one of the most comfortable sofas that i’ve ever sat on.


i wish i would have taken more photos of the lamps, the jewelry and everything else they had but i was in such awe of the store i completely forgot.  if you are in the nashville area you should definitely make a point to stop at wonders on woodland.

in case you are wondering…



this is where i’ll be all next week.


i am so excited about the A-MAZING line up of speakers at scad-atlanta this week for scad style.  kelly cutrone, eddie ross, jaithan kochar, suzanne kasler and clodagh just to name a few.

the best part is that it is free and open to the public.  what could be better!  i’ve got my notebook ready to go.  hope to see some of you there.

my photo shoot



{photography by LH Photography}

last saturday i had professional photos taken of me by lindsay hooten of lh photography.  i had them taken for my website and my blog because i thought i badly needed professional pictures of myself. 

LH Photography

lindsay’s photography is absolutely amazing.  her photography style is very photojournalistic, which i love, and she focuses on shots with natural light.  she photographs families, engagements and any other moments that you would like to have captured.  if you are interested in booking a shoot with lh photography you can get in touch with lindsay through her blog by clicking here.  lindsay is a doll to work with and she is also gorgeous.  here’s a picture of her. 


{photography by LH Photography}

when i saw her portfolio online i was very excited about having her take my photos.  we immediately clicked when we first got in contact with each other, and i was thrilled about all the fun ideas she had for my shoot.  she suggested using antiques in my photos so i got in touch with a new antiques and home store in inman park called authentique.  i blogged about a previous visit to authentique here.


{photography by LH Photography}

candi mcelhannon, the owner of authentique, was gracious enough to allow me to use the interior and the exterior of her store for the photo shoot.  lindsay took some amazing photographs of the store seen below.  if you are in inman park for the inman park festival this weekend make sure you stop in.  authentique is offering a 30% OFF SALE for the weekend.


27712_10100385558838811_2017285_66848801_1957236_n 27712_10100386970609611_2017285_66886979_5642380_n

27712_10100385596922491_2017285_66850105_4525870_n 27712_10100385554527451_2017285_66848555_7076580_n


 {photography by LH Photography}

here are the photos of me that lindsay has edited so far.  i am beyond thrilled with them.  now i have the impossible task of deciding which one i want to use on my blog and website.  she made them all look so great.  it’s going to be a very tough decision.  here are just a few of my favorites.



  27712_10100387183967041_2017285_66892705_2665028_n 27712_10100386970679471_2017285_66886989_1662336_n


27712_10100386970659511_2017285_66886985_3416990_n me and “brown dog”, candi’s awesome dog, hanging out during the shoot. 

27712_10100386970764301_2017285_66887001_1366169_n {photography by LH Photography}

a big thanks to lindsay from lh photography for such amazing photos and to candi from authentique for letting us take over her store last saturday.  you ladies are the best!

some links:

LH Photography Facebook Fanpage  - link

LH Photography Blog – link

Authentique Facebook Fanpage – link

Authentique Website - link

catch up


my work has gotten the best of me again so i’m trying to get caught up on all the blog reading i’ve been missing lately.  do any of you seasoned bloggers have any good tips on how to balance your blog life and your real life?  when things get busy with my work life i find it so hard to take time out to read my favorite blogs and write my own.  i feel like if i had a better phone i could read them “on the go” more.  oh verizon, please hurry up and get the iPhone. 

i won’t leave you completely empty handed with this post.  here’s some eye candy for you to look at.

Contemporary dining room with antler chandelier

{coastal living}

Black and white kitchen with glass-front cabinets

{coastal living}

{house beautiful}

{house beautiful}

{house beautiful}

what i’m working on: will’s bedroom


for the last couple of months i’ve been working with a client on creating a design for her son’s bedroom.  i finally have all the details nailed down and have started to purchase items for the room.  i thought i’d share the design board for will’s room with you.  this was the original design board. although there have been a few variations from this board, the look will pretty much stay the same.  i’m also working on this client’s playroom and little girl’s room, but we aren’t as far along on them.  once we get a little further along i’ll share those too. 

i’m anxious to get everything installed.  hopefully that won’t be too far away.

Wills Design Board Orange Blue

go big


i was flipping through my new elle decor over just now and something caught my attention.  it was all the oversized floral arrangements shown in most of the articles.  i say if you are going to have florals in your house…go natural and go big.  just clip something out of your yard and throw it in a large vase.  spring is the best time to do this because there is always something blooming.  of course, as you’ll see in the images below, leafy stems can be just as beautiful.  i think small floral arrangements have their place in every home too, but oversized arrangements can add amazing drama to any room.







{all images – elle decor}

i hope that you all enjoyed your weekend as much as i did.  it was gorgeous in atlanta.  hopefully the weather was great wherever you were too! 

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